Oxley Folding Concertina Doors

Heavy-duty large scale doors capable of withstanding high winds.

Folding Concertina Doors

Ideal for heavy duty applications capable of withstanding 150mph gusts of wind.

Heavy duty door, capable of withstanding 150mph gusts of wind. Ideal for large openings up to 60 m wide, 12m high. 230mm ribbed galvanised sections, hinged vertically by a continuous hinge strip. Doors can be made with cut outs for crane beams and monorails.

Why choose Oxley for your new Folding Door?

  • Established over 30 years
  • Service and maintenance
  • Large or small, we make to measure.
  • We will price match any like-for-like quote
  • We are members of the Door & Hardware Federation (DHF)
  • Fix and repairs whether it's an Oxley shutter or not
  • Free advice
  • Fair warranties
  • Professional installation
  • Full aftercare service

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Top Track

The top track supports the weight of the door and is formed from heavy gauge cold rolled steel strip. It is fixed to the lintel with fabricated mild steel brackets where required and is galvanised or painted depending on the door specification and size.


Pickets are from galvanised cold rolled steel strips and form the main framework for the door on the inside the building. The top of each picket is supported from the top track with a hardened steel grease sealed multi ball roller. The bottom of each picket runs within the bottom track and gives the door its immense strength in high winds.


The leaves which are 230mm (9") wide, are formed from cold rolled galvanised steel strip and are ribbed for aesthetic purposes and extra strength. The gauge varies to suit the size of the door.

Hinge Strip

The hinge strip is capped cold rolled galvanised steel out channel which allows the leaves to hinge vertically and move with the picket section when the door is operated.

Oxley Commercial Shutters Folding Industrial


The lattice is a unique shape for extra strength and is formed from heavy gauge cold rolled galvanised steel strip. The lattice is bolted onto the pickets and controls the sideways movement of the door and prevents the door flattening out in high winds.

Bottom Track

The standard bottom track, which is set into the floor, is manufactured from heavy gauge cold rolled steel strip and runs the full length of the door.

Leading Edge

The leading edge is for accommodating hasp and staples, locks, handles etc. and stiffens up the front of each door. It is formed into a deep channel from heavy gauge galvanised steel strip.

Soffits & Side Closures

Heavy gauge galvanised steel strip is press braked to the required size and shape and fixed to the doors and door jambs to give maximum security.


Each door has a bow handle inside and out and is fitted with a heavy duty hasp and staple which is normally fixed inside unless otherwise specified. The hasp and staple is to take the customer's own padlock.

Oxley Commercial Shutters Folding Farm

Electric Operation (when quoted)

This operation is by a 415v 3ph geared electric motor with a manual disconnection for hand use during emergencies. Each motor unit is complete with torque limiter which stops the door at each end of travel and also in an emergency. The starter contains OPEN STOP CLOSE buttons plus a safety thermal cut out switch.

Optional Features (available at extra cost)

  • Windows Locks.Plastisol HP200 finish to face of door
  • Special application bottom tracks
  • Cut outs for runway beams or monorails
  • Electric operation
  • Special motors and starters
  • Special electrical equipment (safety edge induction loops etc)
  • Wiring to door and commissioning

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Need help?

Need help? Speak to one of our advisors

At Oxley, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and expertise. Whether you want help finding the right product or you’re ready to enquire…we’re here to help.

Call us on 0800 078 79 79
Monday to Friday 8am - 5pm

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